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Event: Bumpkin Pumpkin 2
Date: October 29, 2005
Location: Terra, San Francisco
Review: Bumpkin Pumpkin was in two words, fucking awesome. It was everything I expected and more. This Halloween rave was being thrown by the Skills Dj Workshop out of Berkeley, CA. Anyone who is into any type of electronica or drum & bass and is local should be familiar with them, and if you donít know who they are you should definitely check them out. They put together an impressive list of DJs who would be spinning over this two day event.

Day 1: Kyau vs. Albert, Pulsar, Robert Nickson, Deep Voices, Mars, Weird Psyants, Angel & Rohan
Day 2: Andy Moor, Matt Darey, Deep Voices, Mars vs Dyloot, Thee-o, St. John, Enemy


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